Why FreeSurvey?



Respondenten nodig?

E-mail Module

Respondenten nodig?

  • No Banners, No Ads
  • All features available
  • Premium features available through micropayments (€ 5,-)
  • No mandatory subscriptions

That is FreeSurvey.

What does FreeSurvey offer?

Freesurvey offers all features for a professional survey

Creating your survey:

  • Your logo on the survey
  • Unlimited amount of questions
  • All question types available
  • Routing is available to lead respondents to designated questions, depending on the given answers. (Only in MC, 1 answer question type)

Download the manual on the use of routing

Spreading your survey:
  • Direct spreading through (over 50) social media channels with our unique tool
  • Unlimited amount of survey respondents
  • No ads in the survey
  • Use your own address book files (premium feature)

Analysing your results

  • Review respondent results live
  • Downloadable result file in CVS (compatible with Excel, SPSS, etc.)
  • Result file downloadable up to 3 months

Available question types

For online surveys:

  • Multiple Choice (MC), 1 answer possible
  • Multiple Choice (MC), multiple answers possible
  • Matrix question
  • Antithesis question
  • Open-ended question
  • Dichotomous question (MC, 1 answer possible)
  • Semantic differential scaling (MC, 1 answer possible)

General use of FreeSurvey

Surveytools is excellent for different types of online research

The wide variety of features makes FreeSurvey the perfect tool for every type of online research.

FreeSurvey vs. Other survey tools

Compare the FreeSurvey features to other Survey tools and websites.

Free account   FreeSurvey   SurveyMonkey
Unlimited amount of questions 10 max.
Unlimited amount of respondents 100 max.
Unlimited amount of surveys
No ads during survey
Own Logo importable
Personal introduction and thank you text

FreeSurvey vs. paid survey Tools

The features of FreeSurvey compared to other websites and services, this comparison is based on a three month subscription.

Paid account   FreeSurvey   SurveyMonkey
Cost   Free   From € 25,- p. month
Unlimited amount of questions    
Unlimited amount of respondents 1000 p. month
Unlimited amount of surveys
No ads during survey
Logo file importable
Personal introduction and thank you text